Who are we?

Our concept
Our productions feature the world’s most amazing animal species filmed at 360° in their environment. Spectators are fully immerged into a close-up encounter with wildlife through virtual reality headsets available in dedicated venues.

The Wild Immersion Team

Grégoire Moisson

After several experiences in entrepreneurship, Grégoire wished to join an ambitious and resolutely forward-looking project. Passionate about nature and RV technologies, Grégoire joined Wild Immersion as CEO to get involved in a project that has meaning and impact. Grégoire mobilizes the skills he acquired during his career by developing successful start-ups. He holds a master's degree in innovation management from Paris Dauphine University.

Adrien Moisson

Co-Founder - President
Former veterinarian and publicist, Adrien created Wild Immersion in 2017. With the first virtual reserve, he wants to develop an experience that educates and connects people to wildlife, and eventually funds the protection of real natural reserve. Endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, this initiative allows Adrien to focus not only on the preservation of wild animal habitats and species, but also - and most importantly - on the relationship between humanity and the natural world. With the growing success of Wild Immersion, Adrien wishes to develop new projects, all bearing the same goal: connecting humans and nature, and raising awareness about wildlife conservation.

raphael aupy

co-founder - Director
Raphaël's vocation for movie creation is rooted in his childhood: he always knew he would become a director. After studying at ESRA-Paris, he had a series of experiences: movie editor, special effects designer, photography and film director. Adventurous, passionate, entrepreneurial, he travels the world with his camera. In 2015, he founded the production firm, BRAINWORKS, of which he is the ultimate authority in terms of images. With his keen eye on all the latest filming technologies, he knows how to capture the essential as well as the most unsuspected sequences, with fluidity and a heightened sense of cinematographic aesthetics. In 2017, he co-founded Wild Immersion for which he co-directs and post-produces the first ten 360° movies.