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Wild Immersion is an educational, ethical and environmentalinitiative.

As a company and with our partners, we produce VR films and create experiences to promote nature conservation and biodiversity protection.

Our editorial line and content aim to educate and raise the environmental awareness of all.

In 2017, Adrien Moisson founded Wild Immersion. With the first virtual reserve, he has developed an experience that educates and connects people to nature, and that eventually funds real nature reserves.

He is accompanied by his co-founder Raphael Aupy, director, who has directed and post-produced the first 10 360° films of Wild Immersion.

Endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, this initiative makes people think not only about thepreservation of wildlife but more importantly about the relationship between mankindand the natural world.

Passionate about nature and VR technologies, Adrien's brother, Grégoire Moisson,joins Wild Immersion as CEO in 2019 to get involved in a project that has meaningand impact.

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