Wild Immersion

for your visitors

Our approach

Enrich your venue with the world's first virtual reserve and raise your visitors' awareness of biodiversity conservation.
We invite you to join us in this process of environmental awareness. Whether you are already involved or whether the subject is new to you, we want to bring you our expertise through technology and entertainment.

Our offer for visitors to your location

An immersive and fun virtual reality experience to raise awareness of biodiversity protection for young and old alike!
We want to accompany your place, to educate visitors about conservation issues through the first virtual reserve.


The Wild Immersion experience begins with a space of workshops and digital animations: children and adults will be able to discover the specificities of certain species, participate in interactive treasure hunts with augmented reality, see their colouring come to life in a virtual ecosystem and many other playful and interactive experiences that will appeal to all your senses. 


After "Story of Life", a 5-minute introductory film on the history and beauty of life on Earth, visitors will have an intimate experience with animals in their natural environment thanks to our 10-minute 360° films, shown in virtual reality headsets.


Finally, visitors will have access to the actions and projects supported by the Wild Angels Foundation, which gives visibility to biodiversity protection projects around the world and allows anyone to become a donor. Once members of the Wild Angels community, donors can follow the progress of the projects they support, in full transparency.